Thomas Wildforster (61) the best again in one cushion    2015/11/20


Kozoom-The 61-year-old Thomas Wildforster  prolonged his title in one cushion during the week of the German championships in Bad Wildungen. In the final of this discipline, the veteran defeated one of this week's star players, Sven Daske, 100-92 in 19.

The multi-championship will be closed with the three cushion race this weekend, in which Christian Rudolph defends his title and Martin Horn is absent due to his participation at the Lausanne Billard Masters.

Sven Daske played on Wednesday his fourth final in five disciplines. Three times he took the silver medal, only in balk-line 71/2 he won gold in the final against Thomas Nockemann, 150-22 in five innings.

Thomas Wildfoster defeated in the one cushion semi-finals Dieter Steinberger 100-83 in 26, Sven Daske won the shootouts against Arnd Riedl after 100-100 in the regular match.

Thomas Berger secured victory in the free game in the final against Sven Daske 300-232 in one inning, the losing semi-finalists were Manuel Orttmann and Dieter Steinberger. Thomas Nockemann grabbed the title in balk-line 71/2 in the final vs Sven Daske 200-7 in 7. Arnd Riedl and Carsten Lassig were eliminated in the semi-finals.

Christine Schuh was the best in three-cushion for women. She defeated Steffi Daske, who won the bronze medal at the European championships, in the final 18-17 in 40 innings. Daske played the best match of the tournament: 20 in 28 (0.714 average).