Roland Forthomme plays eight, wins eight in the Belgian league.    2015/11/19

LEUVEN - Roland Forthomme, in this form (he won all his matches in Belgium so far) who beats  Caudron: is it special or just normal?  Roland said: "It was certainly not an normal match, because of my opponent's jet lag.'' KBC Zanzibar, despite Forthomme's victory against Caudron (50-23 in 22) lost to De Goeie Queue 6-2. Roland Forthomme: "Because Caudron is such a great sportsman, he didn't make excuses. He had returned, a few days ago, from a tournament in Korea and of course, he is just a human being. I know what it's like to play with jet lag. I played against Peter Ceulemans in Lier one time and had fifteen points in 33 innings. It's such a strange feeling... it seems you have no focus at all.''

Roland Forthomme has one of his best league starts ever in Belgium. He took the maximum profit out of eight matches and is in one of the teams for the title race. The 45-year-old player is shining internationally with a ninth position on the world ranking as a result. Is there an explanation for that excellent form?  Roland Forthomme: "I feel really good, my focus is good, but how can I explain... I don't practice a lot, I never have these past 30 years. These days, when I practice, it is all about quality. Thirty years ago, my folks had a room in Waremme. That was the only period in my life when I had a table at home. In the later years, it was difficult to get proper practice. That has changed though. I like to play by myself if I have to, but a practice match is always more fun. And I practice for a couple of hours, ahead of my matches in Zanzibar.'

The billiard club had played in a few different locations since its founding in 1934, but nowhere were players and supporters more at home than in de Sport. ,,We were happy here, because we had four tables. That is for us, a club with more than 50 members, an absolute must'', said chairman Paul Stroobants in Het Laatste Nieuws.

It was the last time Caudron and Merckx were guests in the old room, and they took away a victory that put De Goeie Queue firmly at the top of the table. Eddy Merckx gave a strong performance against Dave Christiani (50-31 in 24), Jean Paul de Bruijn won a close fight with Kenny Miatton (42-37 in 35) and Jerry Hermans grabbed important points for his team when he faced Jimmy Mues (42-40 in 31).

BC Deurne made an even better impression, they won 8-0 against Biljart Express scoring a team average of 1.735. Jef Philipoom (2.000 against Gerwin Valentijn, 50-27 in 25), Blomdahl (1.851 against Frans van Kuyk, 50-38 in 27) and Jean van Erp (1.826, 42-29 in 23 tegen Martin Spoormans) did ever so well for Deurne. Davy van Havere on board four solidly beat Guy van Litsenborg 42-35 in 31.

BC Herentals, with Martin Horn as best player of the eighth day of play, beat KBC Biljartvrienden 6-2. The German, who is ready to compete in the  Lausanne Billard Masters later this week, was much too strong for  Raimond Burgman (50-25 in 17, 2.941, high run 14).

Mister 100 Lier was invincible in their away game against De Ploeg 1, and it made steps towards the sub-top. Jaak Wijnen offered good resistance against Peter Ceulemans (50-47 in 27). Raymond Ceulemans was not going to be surprised by Therese Klompenhouwer (42-31 in 23) and he recorded an exemplary 1.826.

De Witte Molen climbed to fourth place thanks to a 6-2 win over DOS Roeselare. Glenn Hofman, having had a 44-29 lead, was the only one to lose, when Steven van Acker edged him 50-48 in 31. Francis Forton beat  Melnytschenko and Dirk Weeremans recorded his sixth consecutive victory. And Hans van der Wurf next week...''

Eddy Leppens beat Dustin (50-43 in 28), making him the best winner for Op de Meir in their home game against De Ploeg 2 (8-0).