Jean van Erp secures a draw for    2015/11/16

ZUNDERT - Who would have bet any money on Jean van Erp, when he was trailing peter Ceulemans 38-17 after 11 innings this afternoon? The Belgian had a flying start, running six, nine, seven and six early in the match. His teammate Roland Forthomme was on his way to beating Glenn Hofman in the other match (50-32 in 32 the final score), so a victory for STZ Zundert looked a certainty. But Jean van Erp is the reigning Dutch champion for a reason, and he is one of the weekly winners for Buffalo. The man from Brabant has an invitation to the WC in Bordeaux in his pocket, and it helped him to mount a formidable comeback. Runs of nine (14th inning) and ten (17th inning) brought him alongside at 40-40. In the home stretch, he even took the full win: 50-45 in 25.

The top encounter ended in a draw, because Herman van Daalen had secured two points for Buffalo as well, when he beat Raymon Groot. Barry van Beers showed form against  Jeffrey Jorissen (50-44 in 28). STZ Zundert got caught up by MCR De Uitspanning, with Thorsten Frings as MCR's best player and VDO offering little resistance. The German played a monster of a match against Wiljan van den Heuvel (50-17 in 20). Eddy Leppens won in 26 innings, Dave Christiani in 30 and Sander Jonen in 75 innings. The top 4 (MCR and Zundert 15 points from 9 matches, 12) is completed by De Eekhoorn, also on 12 points. The team from Oosterhout beat Post Luchtkanalen 6-2, with only Frans van Kuyk losing. Last week he got pummeled by Eddy Merckx, this week there was no resisting Martin Horn (50-19 in 20). Kurt Ceulemans brought home the winning points when he beat Davy van Havere by a single point: 50-49. The other matches were won by Kenny Miatton and Jerry Hermans.

A1 Biljarts is in the hunt for a play-off position after it won a tricky derby match against HCR Prinsen (6-2). The decider was the duel between Eddy Merckx and Dick Jaspers, and it was a fight to the last inning. The Belgian was out of the blocks and took an impressive 33-9 lead. Jaspers got back in it, and from 40-40 it was neck and neck. Merckx had the last laugh, when he finished with a little run of two. Anno de Kleine was the only winner for HCR when he faced Raimond Burgman, who simply could not get a high run going (his best was a three). De Kleine won it 50-43 in 31 innings. Martin van der Spoel and Henk Blauwblomme did well for A1, against Jelle Pijl and Raymund Swertz. took full points against Holland Mineraal (7-1), with victories for Frédéric Caudron, Jean Paul de Bruijn and Patrick Vasseur and a draw for Bart Ceulemans. The youngest Ceulemans player drew with Wesley de Jaeger, who produced a wonderful run of fourteen in the final stage of the match. Jean Paul de Bruijn and Patrick Vasseur both had a slow start but recovered in their matches against Therese Klompenhouwer and Stefan Spilleman. Frédéric Caudron dominated Stefan Galla for most of the match, but the German made late runs of eight and nine to only lose 50-45.. De Distel was a deserved winner when they visited 't Hartje/Van Wanrooij, and took home a 6-2 result.